Morningside Blogs Popularity?

I did a little social networking the other day and mention to our favorite Technical Librarian (Jennifer Nelson) that, oh, by the way, we have this new thing called WordPress… Why not try it and see what you think?

I now have an email in my inbox asking if the library can have a blog with a group of writers.

Yes it can

It’s good having people using things to the limits you expected them to, I can’t wait to see what people try with this software I haven’t even dreamt of.

There is a difference between performing a calculation and solving a problem. I’ve been considering the equation of a circle, . Except, you see, that’s not the entire thing. There’s a bit that we’ve dropped because it’s  zeroes (and therefore doesn’t affect our equation): . This equation contains the full information–everything that is necessary to draw and position […]