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Introducing: Nat the Freshman

Nat is a freshman in the COMM 208 class taught by Ross Fuglsang. She is from Colorado, so she’s a decent amount of time away from home, but that’s exactly what she wanted. Nat hasn’t decided on a major yet, but is thinking about something to do with graphic design or writing. Her interest in writing comes from the three slam poetry competitions she’s been in. She does not likes sports, and holds a personal grudge against the Superbowl, as it sometimes falls on her birthday.

Nat has worked as a barista in her aunt’s cafe for about a year. She has also moved around a lot as a kid. She said she’s been to about twenty different schools since second grade. She likes cats a lot, and prefers them over dogs. She has family in Colorado and Wyoming, and lived in California for two of her years as a middle school student. Her family has had a few run ins with celebrities. Her great uncle dated Elvira, while her great grandfather performed with Elvis Presley on the Louisiana Hay Ride a radio show that was popular towards the beginning of Elvis’s career.

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  1. There is a lot of good stuff here, Marcus. Every sentence suggests a story in itself. But combined here, they’re just a list of fun facts. If you had to summarize, and focus on just one or two of the items you include, what would they be? How and why would they be of interest to readers?

    Does Nat the Freshman have a last name (or is it Freshman)?

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