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Shooting News (FICTIONAL)

What started as a joyous occasion ended in horror. About thirty relatives and friends were present for the wedding and reception of Richard Brunson and Laurette Kenny Brunson, including Laurette’s three children. Richard shot Laurette after she threw a plate of macaroni salad at him. Neighbor Walter Corse had this to say; (Walter soundbite)


According to hospital officials, Laurette is in good condition despite being shot in the abdomen. Walter’s mother was able to give a statement, and was mainly worried for Laurette’s children; (Marilyn soundbite)


If you have any information on Richard’s whereabouts, please contact the authorities.

Leonardo DiCaprio on Climate Change

Climate change is a problem that is affecting the world, and Leonardo DiCaprio is stepping up to talk about it. Not only is DiCaprio a famous actor, he is a United Nations Messenger of Peace. He talked about how he has traveled the world, and seen different things that¬† are concerning. After talking about all these events that are historically bad, he said, “All that I have seen and learned on this journey has terrified me.”

He continued by saying that it’s clear that all of this is happening because of human activity, and that the changes will only get worse in the future. He said that climate change was like a runaway freight train, and that it was bringing disaster that would effect all living things.

His next concern was how future generations would see us. How they might look at us, knowing that we had the means to slow down or stop climate change, but didn’t. “We all know that reversing the course of climate change will not be easy, but the tools are in our hands — if we apply them before it’s too late,” DiCaprio said. He continued that while we are starting to take steps in the right direction, we aren’t doing enough quickly enough.

He then asked the UN Delegates which side of history they wanted to be on. It was time to take a stand. Time to stop doing what’s been happening in the climate change talk for the last few decades, and start taking action. He said that the planet is currently in our care, and that we are it’s last best hope.



Famous actor and United Nations Messenger of Peace, Leonardo DiCaprio talks to the UN about Climate change, and how he has seen it affect the world in his travels. He said, “All that I have seen and learned on this journey has terrified me.”

Why Does 50 Degrees Feel Different in Fall than it Does in Spring?

Have you gone from wearing a light jacket to wearing a parka recently? It’s most likely because your body isn’t used to the change in weather. But don’t worry, scientists say your body will get used to it. This belief sheds some light on how fifty degrees in October feels colder than fifty degrees in February.

People experience temperature differently, and several studies have helped to explain why. A difference in body type, fat percentage, age, psychology and behavior can all play a role in why you might feel temperatures differently at certain times, or differently than other people. After a difference in temperature is detected, the body takes actions to battle it, usually keeping blood from the extremities, or causing the body to shiver.

Over time though, the responses change. When people who routinely deal with cooler temperatures–like fishermen, slaughterhouse workers, and people who live in colder climates–they show signs of not being affected as much by the cold. As winter goes on, our body adapts after being exposed to colder temperatures. Dr. John Castellani said, “That’s why the cold October day feels much colder than that same day in February.”


Pastor Andy Nelson

Andy Nelson is the chaplain at Morningside.  He came to the Morningside area initially because of a position for his wife Dr. Jessica Pleuss. While she worked at Morningside, he went and worked at the University of South Dakota as their campus minister. When his predecessor Kathy Martin retired, the position of director of campus ministry was offered to him.


Pastor Nelson said that they reason he chose religion as his profession is because he grew up going to church, and being a person of faith. He ended up studying religion and political science at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. Towards the end of his college career he still had questions about his faith, and about faith in general, so he went to seminary to help answer those questions, and use what he learned to help people. He said, “Christianity has something important to say to the world, something important to say to the world about our belief in humanity, something important to say about our place in helping people in the world.”


When asked about what his favorite part about helping campus ministries has been, he said talking to students. Students come in and think that they are interrupting something important, and he tries to convey that they are what’s important. For the most part, he talks to them about where they are going in life. “I’m somebody who, my job is to listen,” he said.


When asked if he would be in favor of mandatory convocation, Pastor Nelson laughed and said, “Yes! Bring it back!” He said that it would have to be different than it used to be. He said he’d probably try to make it more about service than worship. He likes Into the Streets, how Morningside goes out and paints an image of the college.

News Comment Week 4

Two hard rock bands have donated a combined 190 thousand dollars of their ticket proceeds from this summer to two charities of their choice. Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP) donated ninety-five thousand dollars to Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.), a charity that helps families of officers killed in the line of duty. Breaking Benjamin, who has been co-headlining this summer with them, donated ninety-five thousand dollars to Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA), a charity that counteracts child abuse, and promotes services to to improve their well-being.

“We’ve had the privilege to work with veteran and police organizations for years,” Zoltan Bathory of FFDP said. The band has also worked closely with Wounded Warriors, and their song Wrong Side of Heaven helps to raise the awareness of homeless veterans, and veteran suicide in America.

“C.O.P.S. is grateful to be the recipient of such a generous donation from Five Finger Death Punch,” said Diane Bernhard, the C.O.P.S. executive director.

“We’re honored to be able to utilize the thing we love to do most as a tool to help children in need,” said Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin. “Organizations such as Prevent Child Abuse America remind us that we are the voice of the voiceless and positive change is possible in otherwise hopeless situations for these kids.”

“We are very grateful to the members of Breaking Benjamin, not only for this incredible donation, but for helping to spread the word that child abuse and neglect prevention is possible,” said Dan Duffy, president and CEO of PCAA.


This article hits a couple of news values. It’s timely, because it happened earlier this week. It has human interest, because they are donating to charities that help people throughout our nation.

Broken but Alright

A firefighter broke his leg saving a cat. Firefighters went to 102 11th Ave after getting reports of a cat being stuck in a tree.

The firefighter, Bob Harwood climbed fifty feet to get the calico belonging to Charlie and Kim Decker’s twin children. A dead branch broke when Harwood had fifteen feet left, and he broke his leg when he landed. He’s in good condition at St. Luke’s, and the cat is also doing well.

Writing Practice #2

One dead, three injured in two vehicle collision. Moyer Quick, 65 of Townsville was killed in a car accident yesterday. According to Iowa Highway Patrolman Patrick Stewart, both vehicles were west bound on a two-lane highway when Quick passed the other vehicle driven by Randy Radin, 17 of Townsville. The rear end of Quick’s vehicle struck Radin’s, and both ended up in the ditch.

Quick’s two passengers and Radin were transported to Townsville Health Center to be treated. Quick’s wife Dorthy is reported to be in “good” condition, while the other passenger, Maxine Steurwald, 1019 7th Ave Lawton is in “fair” condition. Radin is in critical condition with a fractured skull and internal injuries.

The crash occurred under cloudy skies with a chance of rain in the forecast. At the time of the accident, the roads were clear and dry.

Destiny 2 Changes almost Everything in Forsaken Expansion

Coming next week on September 4th, Destiny 2 (D2) will be launching its new expansion named Forsaken. In Forsaken, many components that make D2 the game that it is are going to change, including the death of a fan favorite non-player character (NPC).

This NPC is named Cayde-6, and is one of the three leaders of the Guardians–humanities last hope, and warriors of the Light. Cayde helped oversee a prison in the Reef, and when a disturbance occurs, he goes to fix what is happening. While he’s there, he’s killed by Uldren Sov, an NPC who hasn’t been seen since the beginning of the second year of the original Destiny game. In a video released on August 28th, we see how the rest of the Vanguard and the main character (you) react to Cayde’s death.



Some of the other changes that are coming are that the mod system is being changed, the weapon slots are being revamped, class skills are changing and getting a boost, and the in-game economy is changing as well.

All of these changes (except for Cayde’s death) were things that the Destiny community as a whole wanted to happen. While nobody wanted Cayde to die, it was something that needed to happen. Destiny was losing a lot of players, and this is definitely what could bring them back.

Transferring in, Diego Marquez

Diego Marquez is a junior at Morningside who transferred in from the University of South Dakota. He is originally from Sioux City, and decided to transfer to Morningside because it’s closer to home, and gave him some better opportunities.

Marquez is on the dance team, and is a mass communication major. In his free time he naps, and spends time with his friends. He said that his after school plans involve being an admissions councilor and working at a news station.

PR Release for Mari Pizzini

Marcus Mackey

Phone: (!!!) !!!-!!!!


Morningside Freshman Mari Pizzini from Helena, Montana just had a short story published by The Kiosk on campus. Pizzini, a 2017 graduate from Helena High School wrote a short story on her last few days in Montana, before moving to campus for classes.

When asked about the publication of her story, she said, “I love writing, and honestly, I’ve wanted to be an author since I was about eight years old.” She also said that this was her first submission to The Kiosk, and her first story to be published ever.

Pizzini has decided to continue writing stories, and try to be published again. She said that she will probably continue to write short non-fiction and documentary type stories, because she likes telling people the truth.

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