Talk on turning your dreams into reality

I thought a lot of what the speaker had to say after he had graduated had a lot of truth to what a lot of college graduates feel after they graduated. He said how he was nervous and that he went to a lot of career fairs and there was a lot of them that didn’t fit him which was somewhere around 45 which is a lot and every job is not for everybody. He said that he would go on 3 year plan at New York after their last place closed and has now been there for 7 years now and just happened to be a job he likes and is still there but said he would like to end up back at North Carolina where he liked be for his first job. Overall I thought he was a good speaker because like he said you never know exactly what to expect out of college and are really nervous but will eventually end up with a job you like and will get the training you need to do that job like his first job at Sears out of college.

The Constant Gardner

The movie that I chose to watch was The Constant Gardner. It uses International Business between a couple of countries of being a Multinational Corporation. The characters use their principles to succeed in that they are stern in what they believe in on what is wrong and what is right. They have it figured out about why it is bad that they are testing these drugs on the foreign countries but cannot get a high enough up person to do something about it. Even though they knew what they were doing could put them in harms way they still did it anyway. When they had it all figured out they knew just the right way to get the point across with what was wrong about it to the media with her cousin and in the end could be closer to putting a stop to the testing of the drugs on foreign countries.
Some of the issues that they faced were the traveling from country to country and the different ways thing were perceived and treated. Like the girl when they got on the plane and the little girl was not able to go with and it is just the way it is. Another was when she had a black baby and was not aloud to keep it. With this it all depends on the country and how they perceive things. The one thing they seemed to be pretty good at was talking in the different languages from country to country that they traveled.

crouching tiger hidden dragon

The message is that in their culture it is not right to steal and is going from the missionary to the younger girl sitting there that is about to get married. The missionary from what i have seen knows that she has stolen things and is making her know that she know that.

Blog 1

I believe that Multinational corporations should protect shareholder value by restricting female employee placement in foreign countries because of how certain countries look at females. There are certain countries that do not allow women to be any part of business. If you were to send a female to that country they may look at it the wrong way and may not want to do business or have a business deal with the company. Sexism can be looked at both ways in International business as a problem and not. There are just certain countries that are how their culture is and you cannot change that on them. It is different around the whole world how everyone’s culture is and how each person looks at how it is. For women it is not something to get discouraged about because that could be how the culture is there so they would not be able to do the business there.

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