Scavenger Hunt


Interviewing student about their personal secrets was already a hard barrier to break but asking for pocket lint gave them a bit a curiosity as to what this interview was really all about.

Hailey Irwin and Oscar Olveraz are both students at Morningside that were interviewed. When Asked about there secrets and to have their pocket lint both had similar reaction. Hailey was stunned when asked about her pocket lint. There was a silence of awkwardness when asked but she proceeded and did not have any. “Thats a little odd to ask” she stated. Oscar had a similar reaction. Stating, “That question is weird and awkward. but proceeded to dig through his pockets yet to find pocket lint.

When asked about their secrets both were hesitant to say what they were thinking but eventually told. Hailey’s secret was that she is a very picky eater. “I only like certain foods and my food can never touch.” Oscar had a different answer. “I like running at 1 in the morning, I enjoy the. quiet of the streets, Less cars less people, it really gives me time to think.” both students have their own secrets but when asked about pocket lint both were caught off guard by the question.

Lead exercise 4a

Friday Afternoon, United Airlines plane crashed  approaching Second City Airport in Chicago leaves dozens dead and many injured.

United Airlines Flight 553 was on its way too Omaha, Nebraska before crashing in Chicago. the Plane rammed through a residential district south of the city when it hit the ground. Fire Marshall Curtis Vokamer and his crew found most of the 55 passesenger dead in the crash debris. One of those passenger was Illinois Representative George W. Collins. Calling was on his way from back to organize a Christmas children’s party. Many locals are concerned that an incident like this is likely to happen again.


4 College Student wreck in ocean, incident leaves one dead.

Randy Cohen, Christy Wapniski, Daniel Perrin, and Tammy Ennis, college student who attend Armstrong Aeronautical University were sailing when there boat sprang a leak and overturned at about 5 pm. Miles away from shore the students held on to the boat until dawn when they decided to finally swim to shore. During the swim Christy Wapniaski was attacked by a shark and later died from the bleeding. Cohen Stated that Wapiniski told him not to go for her or he will be eaten too. By the time he swam back she was unconscious and the shark was gone. After the incident it took the students 3 more hours until they finally reached shore. Cohen remains in the hospital being bitten buy dozens of Portuguese men-of-war. Perrin and Ennis were released soon after admitted.

Lede exercise 1

Texaco Gasoline truck overturning and floods gas into sewer lines, causing families to evacuate homes, according to police

A Texaco gasoline truck overturned causing gas floods through sewer lines. The accident happened on the outskirts of town between 48th Street and Correctionville. The floods was a serious problem for about two hours after the flood. Luckily, the fire department was ready for this type of situation. Fire Chief Charles Honchandel stated, “The firemen followed catastrophe and hazmat procedures set up beforehand for just such an occurrence.”

The Gas flood was very severe. The floods caused four to evacuate there home because of the gas filled sewer lines. It was serious problem for two hours after the accident. the gas flooded sewer lines, ditches and streets. Cars were forced to be rerouted through side streets to get to destinations.

The Story of Mason Knaub

Mason Knaub is not your average college student. Born and Raised in Omaha, Nebraska Mason’s love for music has always been apart of his life. When mason was seven his father took him to a music studio where he first began playing the drum trapset. He instantly fell in love with music and knew he wanted to make it apart of his life. through the years mason kept playing and became very talented at his craft. He wanted to be the best at what he does s him and his parents decided to to enroll him at Omaha Burke High School, a school known for their talented music programs. Mason Knaub shined at playing the drums and at Omaha Burke he had connections that landed him a scholarship to join the band at Morningside College.

Now at Morningside College, Mason Knaub loves where he is at. Making his college decision was easy once he was offered a scholarship to continue doing what he loves. Now a college student Mason decided he wanted to be a Business Major in hopes of getting a degree in the business field. He said, “My dream is to hopefully have my own food truck one day back in Omaha.” Mason is not only good with his hands with a drum but also can make miracles happen in a kitchen.

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