News Comment week 8

President Trump has been saying that he supports the LGBT community by saying that he likes them and wants to protect them that people are people. He talks about how he supports  them and that he would be friends with them and higher them, but then one of his workers tell one that wanted to work for Trump no that he could not work for the presented. So what dose that say is our president of united state really support them or is he just saying that for people to like him and support him. Yes he allowed June to be LGBT month and add the Q to LGBT community so that it is LGBTQ community. But we all want to know is where does Trump really stand on this dose he support the or dose he just want the support to make himself look good in the public eye.


  1. It doesn’t really seem possible to predict what Trump will do from day to day. This story seems like a good attempts at summarizing hs various positions, though I’m not sure what good it will do anyone.

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