Observation Exercise

A place I like to be on the Morningside Campus is the top floor of the library in the back comer rooms. My fevered room is the one where you walk in and you tack a right. Its in between the book shelves. The books are filled with many mythology books and they are my favorite books to read. Even though it is scorned by bookshelves and wall there is a window so it lets in light and makes it feel more open.

The smell of it is what you would expect it smells like old books. I love that smell it is calming and relaxing. No one really knows about that back corner because it is so hard to find and secluded form everyone. I fond it last year while looking for a mythology book for a paper for one of my classes. Ones I fond that spot I know that this would be my place to go for doing homework and just chilling and tacking a brake form the outside world.

The library is quiet but there is some nose but up there is is dead quiet and I love it. The place allows you to think and the nice gray and blue comfy chairs help to. There is a four-person gray table and there is enough room so that I can spread my things out. The chairs are squishier and comfy and allow you to lean back on them.

The secret corner in the top floor of the library is my place to be if you can not find me in my room or with my friends I am there just relaxing and loving life.


  1. Some good sensory detail, Aleigha. I’m curious what your career plans are. Where do you plan to go after Morningside?

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