Mat Reynders

On Friday, we attended a guest speaker by the name of Mat Reynders in the Yockey room. There was suppose to be two guest speakers but only one showed due to delayed flight, but we still learned a little bit of what the ladies job was and a look into NASA’s future. This was probably one of the better speakers I have listened to at Morningside. Mats way of looking at careers and learning from mentors really opened up my eyes and I think the eye’s of many, because college kids are so uncertain when they leave college. Also, he was such a great speaker and had good clear English, which made the presentation that much better. I can totally relate his speech to my life because I too look at some of my classes at Morningside and wonder where am I going to use this class in the future and I still question what kind of job I want to end up with. Mat highlighted that you need to do what is important for you and I agree with that statement greatly because that is the only way to be successful in life, not what other people for want.