The Constant Gardner

The movie that I watched was The Constant Gardner. The movie is based on a Multinational Corporation that is doing drug testing on foreign countries. The characters are showing what they believe is right and what they believe is wrong and they are trying to do anything possible to protect foreign countries and put a stop to the issue. These big companies are exploiting the poor countries and making millions while doing it, but they are doing it in all the wrong ways possible. The way they do it is by bribes because poor countries are known for taking bribes very easy.

There are many issues that are present in the movie. Many of them had to do with traveling from country to country because they are not respecting cultural differences and they just walk on in because they got money. Also, another issue was when an individual is close to corrupt the MNC they are usually watched and then when they push to far for the truth they are punished greatly and usually death to maintain a good rep for the company. With as poor as the countries are that they are working in, means they can get away with almost anything and that makes it really wrong, but its done all over the world.

1 thought on “The Constant Gardner

  1. So…how do you exploit a poor country the correct way? It seems to me that, because the large countries/companies are making millions you are saying it is alright to take advantage of Kenya. While poor countries often accept bribes, it is not because they “take bribes very easy” because all poor countries do, but because they are desperate, corrupt, and have nothing else to give so they take the bribes to help themselves with no interest in others or the rest of the country.

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