Should MNCs protect shareholder value by restricting the placement of female employees in certain foreign countries?

Yes, I believe that restrictions should be in place when women are being placed in a foreign country. When it comes to females and other counties, in some they are not allowed much freedom at all so it would not be productive for the business or the female in that spot. Multinational Corporations need to take into account the different culture and values of their international partners and play by their rules other wise they will not get very far. MNC needs to do what is the best for their business and taking this issue into account I feel is a big deal.

In the Middle East, therr are strict rules and customs in place to prevent woman from getting very far up are the totem pole. They are restricted in the education that they can get. Also most woman in the Middle East are not even allowed to work and are suppose to stay at home mothers. When women are treated like a possession rather than how we view women in the US, it is hard to send a female manager across the sea to manage a warehouse or run a facility over their. I think MNC needs to look at every option first and do some studying on the country because most people do not know enough about other counties. Also MNC need to pull the females that are up for the position and explain to them why they are not being pick so they don’t feel like they are being violated.The last option for MNC if they do have to send a female, is to well educate the female the best they can. Sending the wrong person could cost a corporation millions of dollars, and it is even possible to lose business just because the company thought that female was the best fit person for the job.

People have to have an open mind and realize that sexism is present in international business. It is a problem, but it is one that will never be changed because of different cultures and values. Its different around the world and females have to realize that when going into a business that deals internationally. I think a female should not get discouraged when they are told they can not go to a country because women are not viewed in that country in a good way. They should be thankful they are born and raised in the US, the land of opportunities and think how good they got in compared other countries.