Mall Explosion: from the perspective of someone who was there

Clarence was working his 9-5 at Frisky Creme Donuts at the MCM mall when at approximately 9:53 am, after selling a donut to his regular customer MikeI, they heard a very loud bang. They ran out of the the store and saw smoke and debris everywhere.

They ran into a nurse named Alex who just got done with his night shift and was shopping for his mom. Our news station asked him what happened and he told us, “I was in the food court on my way to look for a Christmas present for my mom when there was a big flash and then I was on the ground.”

Clarence said he tried to help as many people as he could when he eventually ran into an off-duty electrician who said “The explosion may have been the result of an electrical problem from faulty lighting.” Whatever the cause, this was a terrifying experience for all caused.

After everything died down, we attended a police press conference to learn more about the situation. “We don’t know if the explosion was intentional or some kind of electrical problem. We are going with accidental until we find proof otherwise.” the police officer was quoted as saying this. There were over 100 injuries and 2 fatalities

When asked for a quote the MCM mall had this to say, “Our Sympathy goes out to all the families impacted by today’s events. We will work closely with authorities to find the answers and insure that MCM remains a safe place for our customers and associates.