Story #4 draft 1

Sterling is always down for almost anything, he accepts almost every opportunity he is given. Sterling see’s every new opportunity as an adventure and once snuck onto a tubing hill in the middle of the night to sled with some random people. “It was a fun night, but it was also super dangerous.” Sterling said excitedly. “we couldn’t see anything so if you hit a bump you would go flying and get a nasty bruise or cut.” He said they had to end up leaving because they saw lights and thought it might be the cops.

Sterling is from a small town in Iowa called Forrest City, which is close to Minnesota. Forrest City is known for a Winnebago camper plant. The town itself isn’t very big, so Sterling grew up in a small town culture with not much to do for fun. So Sterling grew up always looking for an adventure and loved climbing trees and playing board games with friends. Sterling still loves climbing trees to this day and has been known to climb quite a lot of trees on campus. He says he really opened up in college and would’ve even called himself an introvert in high school. During High School he participated in several musicals and loved to dance. This is more evidence that he loves to try new things and get out of his comfort zone. Right before college, Sterling decided to spend a summer in Minneapolis.

In Minneapolis, Sterling found a job not many people his age. He acquired an assistant manager job at a very busy pizza hut right in the city. This job helped Sterling to gain leadership skills and learn some interesting social skills. He also began a new hobby in his off-time in Minneapolis. Sterling began tinkering with different electronic kits and also bought several coding books in an effort to learn some useful new skills. He created different interesting gadgets and also coded several simple programs and templates. Sterling named this period of his life as a really crucial time in his development. Sterling had already decided to come to Morningside at this point in his life.

He found his way to Morningside through several campus visits and really liked the atmosphere. Sterling thinks Morningside is the perfect place for him as it has a city where he can get anything he needs and plenty of people to make friends with. He thought about doing sports to keep busy, but didn’t think he could compete at any at the collegiate level. So rather than sit around and do nothing, he decided to help the college and student body anyway he could. With the lack of events available to him he decided to attend a MAC meeting in order to provide some insight and help get more activities on campus. He liked the experience so much he decided to join the council. This helped jumpstart Sterlings passion to help Morningside,

Sterling is involved in almost every organization Morningside has to offer. He is again a mainstay in M.A.C. and even helped organize the crush for crush event for the E-group. Everyone who knows him knows that he cant sit still or stay in one place for very long, which is why he keeps himself so busy. “I like to make sure I can help the college and students any way I can, but I can’t lie. Being so involved is a whole lot of fun.” Sterling is a very interesting guy and if you see him around campus, he’s sure to say hello to you!