Story #3 very rough draft

Breaking news:

A shooting injures a woman who was in her own home in Lincoln Ne. 

The shooting occurred near 17th and B streets after the woman answered questions given to her by two unidentified men. The men ended up shooting her in the chest, then ran off in a white Honda Civic. She is expected to survive and the local police are asking for help identifying the suspects who were reportedly both wearing hoods at the time.

In other news, a thief managed to steal over 5,000 dollars from a newly-wed’s reception in Florida.

Nabbing 5,000 dollars in gifts, the thief managed to nab a bag full of gift certificates, cash, and cards from the grooms own truck. The theft took place in a very short time period and the groom and bride are not happy. 

My initial reaction was like this, this is actually real?” the groom told NBC News on Wednesday. “Like people do this?”

The venue shared surveillance video of the theft, in hopes of catching the cold-hearted thief. The video showed a woman circling the parking lot in a silver Ford Explorer

“They waited, and as soon as the father of the bride put that bag in Chris’ truck, she walked up to the truck,” Brandy Harlan, the venue’s director of marketing and lead coordinator, said in a video. “And then she ran through the bushes to her car that was waiting,” Harlan added.

For our final story, a six-year old boy brought a loaded gun to his Ohio school.

The student was caught after telling a classmate about the gun, which was hidden in his backpack. The gun was apparently the boy’s grandfathers. The day could have ended a lot worse and thankfully the weapon was discovered in time.  The police are now warning people to keep their firearms locked up and out-of-reach of children.