The Omaha Herald vs. KETV 7 Omaha

For this media comparison I found a story from the world herald and KETV on an ICE raid that took place in Madison Ne. 14 people are now in custody following the raid on a local business. KETV’s lead is very simple and to the point. It just gets straight to the point and doesn’t say anything truly attention grabbing, but provides everything the reader would need to know about the story. The Omaha World Herald stated, “at least 12 workers were reported in custody after an Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid Wednesday morning at a Madison, Nebraska, facility that produces wood landscape mulch.” They provided a lot more information in their lead.

KETV’s article is very short compared to the World Herald’s article. This is because the world herald has to get all of their information across through text and some pictures, while KETV has sound and images to help get their information across. I found that both outlets did a good job of getting their information across in their own ways, but honestly I would rather watch a video than read a long article.