Alex Watters Can’t Be Stopped

If you attend Morningside College, you probably know who Alex Watters is.

 If you don’t who he is, you’ve probably seen him zipping around campus on his high-powered wheelchair. Alex works at Morningside College as a Career Development Specialist and has a chair on the city council. He loves Morningside College and strives to help students succeed and achieve great things. Alex even worked for President Obama’s reelection campaign, which led him to even more exciting opportunities and connections. He’s met all sorts of interesting and powerful people, including Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and has had contact with 2020 Democratic candidate Kamela Harris. Alex doesn’t let the fact that he was permanently disabled from a accident in college stop him from doing the things he loves. Alex has always succeeded in the face of adversity. He’s been quoted as saying, “It could always be worse,” which is very inspiring. For someone with an injury as serious as his, him saying that is amazing.