Juul Shake-Up: C.E.O. Steps Down

The C.E.O of Juul, the e-cigarette company, is stepping down due to the recent backlash around the company’s products.

With multiple states banning the sale of flavored vapes, It is not hard to see why he has decided to step down. The Trump administration has also begun talks of instituting a ban of all flavored vaping products. Now the owner of Alteria has stepped in to try and manage the company amid the regulatory issues that Juul now faces.

I chose this article because it is very relevant to the age group my class is a part of. I am sure some of them if not the majority of the class has vaped at one point. I found the article to be very informative and the lead to really draw me in. The news value in this article is that it helps provide commentary to the harms of vaping. Many teens and young adults would argue cigarettes are much more harmful than these products and that they should be banned as well if vapes are to be banned.

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