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Moving from California to Iowa has been an adjustment for Morningside student Iggy Estupinan. Since the weather has gotten even a little colder than the much warmer weather she’s used to from California it’s been way colder to her than those at least semi used to colder weather. Iggy even complained about losing her tan from the lack of sun saying that she “feels like a ghost”.

The move for college might have been for Iggy’s twin sister Leah coming to Morningside with her. The pair share a room and definitely maintain the sister dynamic of sisterly love and all the getting on each other’s nerves. But the dynamic does not just exist between Iggy and Leah, they’re showing their little cousin the ropes of having sisters.

Her little cousin comes from a family of all boys, but now lives with Iggy’s mom after her mom adopted the five of them making them a family of 11.


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