Mari Pizzini (Perfectionist)4

Peer editing sessions can be the worst experience because either the paper gets torn to shreds by the other person or they have no valuable feedback to give. And Mari Pizzini completely agrees with this.

In her junior year of high school she took it upon herself to edit a paper for her AP Lang class. She hunkered down in her coach’s office with 5 different colored highlighters and 4 pens and set to work on her paper.

From 5pm to 9pm she edited her paper crossing things out, writing comments, basically checking for any and all mistakes. It even ran onto two additional sheets of paper.

Her coach after seeing what Pizzini had done to her own paper said, “You can’t even write a second draft because you can’t see what you wrote.” That says something about the lengths Pizzini went to edit her draft.

While it may not outwardly show Mari Pizzini is a perfectionist. But the kind that mostly applies to her class work.



  1.    fuglsang:

    The story/anecdote is good enough that you don’t need the last graf, Nat. It’s clear that Mari is a perfectionist. You could be clearer, though, that in this situation she is being hard on herself rather than others. Which does make me wonder if she would go to those lengths for another person’s paper.

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