Wal-Mart A Chaos Center3

Chaos seems to reign in Wal-Marts during the day, but in smaller amounts during the nights when I prefer to make trips.

During the days Wal-Marts are busy oh so busy and loud. The crowd during the day is that of families and older people as opposed to the nighttime crowd, if it can even be called a crowd, mostly being college aged people. The noise of people talking is constant, and faint cries of babies or children not getting what they want are occasionally heard from across the store.

The busiest section of the store seemed to be the grocery section the aisles difficult to get through with inconveniently placed carts and people standing in the way looking for items on their grocery list. Sights like misplaced food items, toys, clothes, and other miscellaneous items seem more prominent during the day because of the larger crowd.

The one redeeming aspect of the trip was at check out. My friends and I used the self check out as usual, and as we were checking out an older woman who was an employee came up to us simply to tell us a pun which led to an exchange of puns between the sweet old lady and my friend who has an arsenal of puns on hand at all times. It made the trip almost worth it.



  1.    fuglsang:

    Some nice description, Nat. You could be clearer that you followed the assignment and went to Wal Mart during the day, since you usually go at night. Could be clarified in the first graf.

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