Morningside’s Gay Straight Alliance (Story #2)3

Morningside’s GSA is an important club for those who don’t fit into the societal norms when it comes to gender and sexuality. But also a place for allies of the LGBT+ community or those who want to learn more.

The goal of the club is to provide a supportive environment for LGBT+ students, and to spread awareness of LGBT+ people and their concerns. In addition, students can voice their own personal concerns and be themselves without concern because what is shared stays within the group.

Within the group, the gender identities and orientations of the members are respected. At the first meeting, everyone went around the group talking about who they were, something interesting about themselves, and what their preferred pronouns are.

Rebekah Mayer and Matthew Gardner, the students who are in charge of the group, say that they hope to create a “place where other student’s feel safe to be themselves” regardless of gender identity or orientation.

Those who are curious about the LGBT+ community are welcomed too. Through the club it is possible for them to gain a better understanding of the community even if they’re straight or identify within the gender binary.

GSA meets every other Sunday at 2pm in the student center. At each meeting there is a set activity, and suggestions for future activities are welcomed. So far the activities have been playing Cards Against Humanity, Uno, Pictionary , and Mad Libs.







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