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Story 1: Morningside’s GSA

Promoting awareness and providing a safe place for it’s LGBTQ students is Morningside’s own Gay Straight Alliance.

The goal of Morningside’s GSA is to provide a safe environment for LGBTQ students as well as spread awareness about the LGBTQ community. GSA is also a great opportunity for students to make friends.

GSA meets every other Sunday at 2 in the student center. Each meeting has a set activity such as Cards Against Humanity, Taboo, and Uno.

Story 2:

Danica Roem thrash metal singer and now the first transgender elected official in the United States makes a historic win for the LGBTQ community.

Roem, a trans woman, won a seat on the Virginia State Legislature previously held by self-declared “chief homophobe” Robert Marshall. He held the seat for 14 consecutive years and attempted to pass a bathroom bill that would  have negatively affected transgender students had it passed.

Her success comes from making the focus of the campaign on public policy, and not just her gender identity. Roem dedicates her victory to members of the community who those who have been singled out or treated as misfits.


Story 3:

Congress isn’t the only thing standing in the way of President Trump’s border wall plan.

Cards Against Humanity has launched a new promotion called Cards Against Humanity Saves America. The promotion promises 6 surprise gifts for 15 dollars.

In addition to the gifts Cards Against humanity has bought a vacant plot of land along the border of Mexico. The people behind the card game have teamed up with a law firm to make sure that purchasing the land would be as time consuming and expensive as possible.



  1.    fuglsang:

    Things to do before you record this:

    1. Talk to at least one other person for each story. Record them so you can insert the comments into the broadcast.

    2. Write transitions between stories.

    3. Write an intro and outro.

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