The Microbiome and Mental Health3

Probiotics may be the answer to improving mental health.

In Psychology Today’s June 2017 issue they say that researchers have discovered that gut bacteria could be linked to psychiatric disorders. Scientists find that bacteria in the gut sends neural signals to the brain that have effects on mood and cognition.

Antibiotics, a bad diet, and stress has been shown to disrupt the composition of the bacteria in the gut and change the function of the gut. Gut-bacteria shifts activate immune cells which cause inflammation in the brain that leads to psychiatric symptoms.

Regular use of probiotics restores the bacterial balance of the gut and boosts learning and memory fucntions in the brain. Researchers have been studying the use of probiotics to improve psychiatric disorders.



  1.    fuglsang:

    You write gut a lot. Is there a synonym? Stomach? Colon? Alimentary canal?

    Good throwaway lede. Then maybe: Studies/Research published in PT found that… Gets rid of “they.”

    On a related note: Probiotics, like yogurt don’t really help much. The wonder drug of the future is going to be fecal transplants… poop pills. (http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2014/10/11/355126926/frozen-poop-pills-fight-life-threatening-infections)

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