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Story 1: United Airlines Jet Crash

United Airlines Flight 553 crashed on its way to Chicago’s Second City airport killing 43 people including Illinois congressman George W. Collins.

A reported number of 42 bodies have been found so far and the remaining 16 survivors were admitted to the hospital after a United Airlines jet with 61 people aboard crashed into a residential district south of the city.

According to one of the survivors, ” The last words the pilot said to use were, ‘We are at 4000 feet and everything is going well.’ I knew something was wrong a few seconds later because he began to rev the engines.”

The National Transportation Safety Board in Washington sent and investigative team to Chicago immediately. Several board members were already in Chicago because of the commuter train crash that resulted in 45 deaths last month. One of the board officials said that they’ll “look into this thoroughly.”


Story 2:

Christy Wapniarski, a student of the Armstrong Aeronautical University in Daytona, Florida, died last night after a night of sailing with three of her classmates took a turn for the worst.

At about 5 pm a leak was discovered in their boat which caused them to capsize. According to Randy Cohen one of the students who survived, they had not been wearing life jackets and clung onto the 16-foot catamaran’s pontoons through the night. Despite the strong current the students made the decision to swim to the shore of Ormond Beach which was 4 miles away at dawn.

During their swim back Cohen says that he heard Wapniarski call for help because “a shark attacked her.” Cohen then called for one of his classmates to help him go back to help Warpniarski, but the other student said to not go back because Cohen could be attacked too.

When Cohen reached Wapniarski she was unconscious and there was no sign of the alleged shark. He began to swim towards shore carrying Wapniarski along with him. Daniel Perrin, who had been swimming behind the other three, swam to the aid of Cohen and Wapniarski, and when he checked Wapniarski’s pulse he told Cohen that she had died. However Cohen continued carrying her for what he says was 15 or 20 more minutes until letting her go.

It took the remaining three students six more hours to reach the shore. They were admitted to the Halifax Hospital where Perrin and Tammy Ennis were examined and released; however, Cohen had to stay in the hospital because he had been bitten by dozens of Portuguese men-of-war.



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