Scavenge Across Morningside

Today I had the task of scavenging around campus for a thick, red rubber band. My initial thought was go somewhere I am most familiarized with on campus, but after further reading, I realized I couldn’t interact with someone I see on a regular basis.

I made my way over to Lewis Hall’s admissions office where I found Cassie Burnside. Burnside is an admissions counselor for the Eastern Nebraska area. When I asked her for a few minutes of her time, she was polite and asked what she could do. I then asked for a red rubber band, which she gave me from her desk drawer. Her reaction was a puzzled look and I explained to her the task I was completing for class.

“Oh, I know what class you are talking about! I took the same journalism class from Professor Fuglsang when I attended Morningside.” Burnside is a 2014 mass communications graduate from Morningside College.


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  1. fuglsang

    Oh No! They’re on to me! I hope you took the opportunity to have a nice talk with Cassie.

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