1. Cat Rescue Leads to Injury

The rescue of a cat has resulted in a broken leg for one fire fighter. Fire fighter Bob Harwood and the fire department responded to a call at 102 11th Avenue where a calico cat was stuck in a tree.

Harwood climbed fifty feet up into the oak tree and fell approximately fifteen feet to the ground upon descent after a dead limb broke. Harwood is noted to be in stable condition at St. Lukes Hospital. The cat belonged to the Decker family.


2. Various Incidents Prompt Suspensions at Northeast High School

Northeast High School has had no time to spare this week after the total suspension of fifteen students.

Five students were suspended Monday after they were caught with marijuana on school grounds. Tuesday, a food fight led to the closing of the cafeteria. Lastly, Wednesday the fire alarms were falsely sounded three times.

These incidents resulted in the suspension of an additional ten students who were protesting the suspension of the students from the Monday ordeal. Principal Laura Vibelius commented on the suspension outbreak and sees no continuation of these incidents in the near future.


3. Texaco Gasoline Truck Floods Streets

A gasoline truck owned by Texaco overturned on 48th Street and Correctionville Road, leading to gas flooding the sewer lines.

The overturning of the gasoline truck lead to the re-routing of cars through side streets and the evacuation of nearby families due to the sewer-line gas. Fire Chief Charles Hochandel said, “The firemen followed catastrophe and hazmat procedures set up beforehand for an occurrence.”

Gasoline was apparent on the streets and ditches and the incident remained critical for two hours until the gasoline was flushed away.