Is Journalism Becoming Obsolete?

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of obsolete is something that is no longer used because something else exists. I do believe with the changing times, journalism is being transformed. However, as stated in Matthew Ingram’s post, news comes in different forms. Myself, I read the Sioux City Journal daily…on my cell-phone. Others may get their news sources through scrolling on Twitter or Facebook.

As social media develops, I think journalism will become obsolete in different forms. By this, I don’t think newspapers will be selling straight off the shelf like they did before. If everyone can access news from their computer, phone, or television screen what is the point?


  1. Tori

    Often times, I don’t find myself checking the sources! I read some news coverage on Twitter, since that is today’s hype, and I don’t look further into what the situation was.

  2. fuglsang

    You’re correct that the medium that provides us information is changing. But so too are the sources of that information. That is the problem for Winer. Will you continue to read the Journal when you can get coverage of the same events from someone else?

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