In recently released Vox article, reporter, Delia Paunescu covers the timeline of the Iranian government and their decision to shut the whole country’s internet service down. On November 15th, Iran announced their plans to raise fuel prices by over 50 percent. Enraged Iranian people ran out into the streets in protest. As a response, the government shut down the whole countries internet service. The government contacted every internet provider within Iran and forced them to shut down. After 5 days, the government decided to release the punishment and are, currently, restoring internet service. In addition, Paunescu includes Iran’s plan to create their own internet service called “Intranet.” This new network will be used by any and all Iranian people if passed.

This article was very well written and had many sources to back the information. The sources included some United States citizens aware of the situation, however most of the sources were Iranian people themselves. The article appealed to just about anyone who wants to know about world news, and also for those who are not aware the strict and harsh government Iranians have to deal with everyday.