Day: November 14, 2019

Makaelyn Glienke’s Story revised

Sophomore year of high school, Makaelyn Glienke, joined her school’s cross country team. The story, however, was not that of a picture book.

Glienke, the summer after her freshman year, joined a morning running club. To her surprise, her high school’s cross country coach was in the club too. When her sophomore year started, and season rolled around, the coach just put her on the team.

Glienke enjoyed every minute cross country and the new people she met from it.

Fast forward a few years and Makaelyn was a college junior at Morningside College. She still had the competitive drive within her, but had nowhere to invest it. Then she crossed paths with a family friend who owned a cross fit gym, so she joined.

Makaelyn Glienke now goes to cross fit 3 times a week and enjoys every moment of it. She takes pride in her work ethic during workouts and continues to keep her athletic stature because of it.

California Shooting

Just an hour ago CNN released a brief article about the Saugus High School shooting. Today, a 16-year-old sophomore opened fire at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California. Two students, ages 16 and 14, were killed and 3 others were wounded. The suspect, reportedly, drew a .45-caliber pistol out of his backpack and began to open fire during passing period. After just a couple of seconds, the shooter then shot himself, and is now in “grave condition” in a local California hospital.

This article was very easy to follow, but I do not believe it was set up well. It gave a brief explanation of when, where, and who were involved. However, as today played out, the reporter kept updating the article without deleting past reports. Nevertheless, this article was breaking news, so it is evident that the intended audience was Americans wether it be parents of high school students, teachers, the government, etc.

Description story

As I walked back to my dorm room, this morning, I passed a man getting water from the drinking fountain. I walked past the man, but he seemed familiar. We turned around simultaneously, and, to my surprise, it was my friend Ke’andre Evans. We greeted each other with a simple “good morning” and continued to our rooms.

Ke’andre was wearing a grey nike hoodie with maroon accents. He wore black sweatpants and black shoes. He had a look of joy, tucked under his straggly black-haired beard and dark skin tone, when he saw me. He had his hood placed on top his circle-like head, but from past encounters I am aware of the fact that Dre has short and curly black hair that resembles a buzz cut. Standing a couple inches taller than myself, I’d say he is about six-foot two-inches.

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