Teachers Pay?

In recently released Vox article, reporter, Stephanie Plante, interviewed 7 teachers who put their money towards the children they teach. According to recent studies, over 94 percent of teachers spend their own money on school supplies. Although students are provided school supplies list prior to the school year, not all families are able to buy everything needed. Additionally, teachers in Texas have reported buying clothes for their students.

The article was very easy to follow. The reporter organized the article very well. She separated every interview and gave details and background on each teacher. The article focussed mostly on students and their families. It did not shame families for not being able to afford school supplies, but it sympathized on behave of teachers who have to use their own money for it.


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  1. fuglsang

    This issue is getting more coverage recently as teachers have protested/picketed in a number of states over low pay. Good to keep the pressure on and let readers know what teachers do.

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