1. I believe I focussed mainly on the flow of the paper. I wanted it to read well. I used transitions and sentence structure to do this. However, I wish I would have focussed on one common subject. I bounced around many ideas in my paper, and that is something I am still currently working on. 
  2. I believe the most difficult part of writing the paper was to just state facts. In high school, we wrote very flowery and long in order to meet essay requirements. For our papers now, that is not the case. 
  3. I believe the biggest problem in writing this paper was finding the right sources. Initially, I had 3 sources. One of which had little to do with the topic of my article. However, I solved it by searching for another source, even after I had written a whole rough draft. I found one that, I believe, pertains more to my topic than the source I originally had, and I used it.