In recently released Vox article “The fight over Joker and the new movie’s “dangerous” message, explained” reporter, Alex Abad-Santos, focusses on the reviews on the soon to be released Joker movie. Reviews, most of which, frown upon the events in the movie and trailers. The public has not seen the movie, however movie critics for Rotten Tomatoes and other companies say the movie is dangerous. The content displays “training,” says critics. However, the danger is mainly for the movie goers after the shooting in Aurora, Colorado at the showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012.

The article was, somewhat, well written. However, there was little information on what content, specifically, in the movie that was “dangerous.” Nevertheless, the article was intended for all moviegoers. It uncovered the critics of the movie while additionally raising awareness to the possibility of another theater shooting.