Checking people, not guns

In the recently released Vox article “The gun solution we are not talking about,” author, Madeline Marshall, follows the problem behind background checks. Background checks are not good enough. Massacres in Charleston and Texas have been committed by men with criminal records, yet they passed a background check. Marshall, then, talks about Massachusetts, and how their current background check takes almost 30 times longer than an average 108 second check. She presents it as a guideline for states to follow so the percentage of mass shootings will lower.

This article appeals to a very broad audience, just about anyone who goes out in public. The article read well and was very interesting. There was a good balance between problem and solution, and between example and explanation. Her motive is clear, we must strengthen our licensing process in order to prevent mass shootings.

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  1. fuglsang

    You’re right, the writer’s motive was clear. She is taking a side even though it is not labeled as opinion. One give away is that she doesn’t have sources. She has statistics, but she is the one interpreting them.

    Opinion is fine. This is actually a pretty good one, and it’s based on evidence. It should be labeled, however.

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