Death Under Proper Regulation

Currently, off the West Coast, the state of California is on a man hunt after a 33-foot diving boat caught fire in the Pacific. According to officials, this morning (9/2/2019) the coast guard received a call from a boat 20 miles off the coast about a “vessel on fire.” While in conversation with the captain, the dispatcher asked several questions about any type of fire prevention devices on the boat. There was passengers stuck in the living quarters. Yet, there was no escape hatch, fire blankets, fire extinguishers, or anything that could prevent the fire from engulfing the vessel while the crew was still in it even after the boat was properly inspected before departure.

This article is appealing to just about any audience, with the exception of young children who won’t think much of the situation. However, the author directs most of the focus towards boat riders and regulators in order to raise awareness for an obvious problem. While this article had most of the information, it was an ongoing investigation, so every aspect of the story was not included. It flowed well and was easily comprehendible. However, there were gaps in the conversation between the dispatcher and the captain of the boat, which made it a little harder to understand the full story.


  1. fuglsang

    It looks like you revised some. There is summary and a discussion of how the story fits in with class discussion. This story covers just about every aspect of the fire and deaths. You might notice there are a number of “exit” points where you could leave the story if you feel you have enough info (or read on if you want more).

    You’re right that this is an ongoing story, so the discussion of How and Why are deeper into the story. It also becomes more of a “story,” in that the reporter relates the story chronologically: first this, then this, then this, etc. All that comes after providing major details.

  2. fuglsang

    This is your news comment for this week (week three). Make sure you’re focusing on the story’s writing, not so much onits content. What makes this story news (news value)? Is it organized well? Does it have the info you want/need? Who is the audience?

    What makes someone “innocent”?

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