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Parkinson’s Disease and Antioxidant Treatment

Antioxidant treatment to help cure Parkinson’s was recently reported by Sciworthy. Nearly 10 million people worldwide are affected by Parkinson’s disease with 60,000 diagnosed just in the U.S.

Parkinsons which is a disease caused by the brain cells and neurons, that produce dopamine die off over time. Loss of balance and slowness of movement leave the patients unable for self-care.

Existing treatments aim to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease through dopamine replacement. New treatment found by Thomas Jefferson University researchers could serve to protect against dopamine neuron death in Parkinson’s disease. NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) found to prove that it showed improvement in symptoms.

Researches of TJ University did a study on patients and said “patients were sorted into two groups: one that received normal standard of care treatment, such as treatment with Levodopa, and the other receiving standard of care treatment along with NAC supplementation. After 3 months, the researchers found that the group that received NAC supplementation along with their treatment had much better outcomes. “

Weekly News: High School Student in Santa Rosa Shot Schoolmate, Then Went to Class

Armed 17 year old gunman shot a student at Ridgeway high school in Santa Rosa California, then continued going to classes. The shooting injured a 16 year old classmate who was left in “stable condition”.

After the shooting Tuesday morning, the shooter calmly walks to class as if nothing happened. John Cregan of the Santa Rosa Police Department said in an interview. “The teacher had no idea he had been involved in anything. He hadn’t been acting out or anything.”

Laying on the ground, injured 16 year old crawled to the nearest car and brought to the hospital. When asked who the kids were and if it happened on campus Captain Cregan answered that the surveillance footage showed the shooter “standing basically next to the Ridgway High School sign in front of the school and shouting at the victim, who was standing in the street in front of the school.”

The reason for the shooting is uknown as of this point. Charged with attempted murder the 17 year old gunman continues to be questioned for his actions.

Weekly News: 500,000 in California Are Without Electricity in Planned Shutdown

A planned shutdown in San Francisco California left 500,000 people without electricity, the New York Times reported.

With the planned shutdown being unknown many scrambled to nearby stores and resource outlets to get gasoline and other essentials. Devastating Wildfires have covered California which has to cause a great amount of havoc throughout the state. Throughout the state, new areas would be shut down to a rough estimate of nearly 2.5 million people having no power.

“The power company described Wednesday’s cuts as a precaution, hoping to prevent its electrical equipment and power lines from sparking blazes in dangerous conditions.” New York Times reported.

The wildfire rate increases rapidly and precautions are being set in place to reduce them.

Weekly News: N.C.A.A. Athletes Could Be Paid Under New California Law

California Governor, Gavin Newsom signed a bill allowing college athletes to hire agents and make money from endorsements and the likeliness of their name New York Times reports.

The new law likely to take place in 2023 challenged NCAA ruling on paying student-athletes. Newson states “Every single student in the university can market their name, image, and likeness; they can go and get a YouTube channel, and they can monetize that,” “The only group that can’t are athletes. Why is that?”

With NCAA ruling still in place, there are several steps that are needed for this law to take place. When asked about the law and what happens next the PAC 12 conference stated, “lead to the professionalization of college sports and many unintended consequences.”

Newsom signed the bill during an episode of a television show hosted by LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers star and a prominent supporter of the legislation. This news spread through the league of professional athletes. Lebron James, a public figure and star athlete stated: “NCAA, you got the next move,”.

Alex Watters:

Alex Watters, a hero that created meaning in what he does based on an accident that changed his life forever.

 A trip to Okoboji with friends started as a vacation but turned into a gut-wrenching experience leaving Alex unconscious in the water with a broken spine. A walk to the lake late at night left Alex wanting to swim. He walked out the deck and jumped in, except this time head first. As he hits the water he hit the bottom of the lake and snapped his neck. He explained his only memory was to move. “All my friends thought I was kidding” Alex explained, “When I realized what really happened everything went black”. Waking up in the hospital Alex had his lugs pumped for survival. The next six months Alex had rehab every day along with two surgeries during the six month period.  Alex’s story made the New York Times back in 2012. 

Alex Watters was born in Okoboji, Iowa and has a masters degree from Morningside College. He works in career services, which he has specialized in for the past few years. He also works for city council here Sioux City. 

When asked “would you have the same goal and job if the accident did not happen?” Alex responded, “Not a chance in hell”. He stated ever since the accident he wanted to work with people to get their goals. “There is no better feeling,” Alex says when working with first/second-year students find their path through college or life.

Weekly news update: Overloaded Ferry flipped and killed hundreds of children.

An overloaded ferry in South Korea flipped and killed hundreds of school children. 250 students drowned when the ferry capsized on a school trip to resort island New York Times states.

Phones were found with voicemails and videos recorded saying there goodbyes to their families. Safety precautions have been amplified and officials work on the safety of every aspect of this situation so it can be the last time.

workers accused of lying about overweight cargo and shipment of bags was a factor of the situation. Updated news still being reported as more information is confirmed.

The URL for the Story

Carrot Review

For this assignment, I ate a carrot and will describe for everyone’s satisfaction! The carrot had a dull shiny type look to it. A moist feeling covers the carrot. At the first bite, it was a solid crunch like a broken bone that gave a great satisfying bite. The flavor was dull at first but as I chewed the carrot it gained more flavor. After the bite, it took a while to consume. This carrot left a healthy satisfying taste that will always be remembered as the greatest carrot there ever was. The crunchy yet describable carrot left a moist feeling to my mouth and fingers. The sound amplified with a crunch. Yet there wasn’t much smell it gave a great sweet taste to satisfy your needs.

Article #1: Reflection

For Article #1 I chose the topic Vaping and the harms that vaping can do to the human body. This paper was very interesting to write about and came easy to me because of the fact it was something I am interested in. Some parts of the article were hard to connect and hard to determine what facts were right or biased. Separating biased opinions from the articles was the hardest part. Knowing facts and what has happened so far was the main point of the article. 

Getting the attention of others about vaping is the main goal for this article. Reflecting on this article I noticed that the more sources you have the better because you get more in-depth answers and get greater details of what is really happening. Some websites will have different numbers for different tests. 

Overall this article was very interesting to me and brought greater detail to the problem of how vaping is bad for you and the harm that’s causing kids around the world. Recently this problem has grown a large amount so I thought it would be a good topic to write about and very relevant in today’s world. It is recent news and isn’t old news so it connects with a large crowd of people if that’s parents, kids and more.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt: Two Objectives

As part of the class, I had two objectives where the answers came from talking to new/random people. The two objectives were to find someone with a breath mint and the second objective was to find a piece of good advice.

For this assignment, I went in the Krone advising center and asked Shari Benson if she had a mint or piece of gum or if she had any good advice to tell me. She laughed and said, “I have a mint right here for you”. No questions were asked as she handed over the mint.

For the second objective, I went in the Buhler Ross front office and asked Rich Crow “if you could give me one good piece of advice, what would it be?” He took a moment to think and process then soon after he asked, “what’s this for?” And I explained it was for a journalism class. He understood and answered with “Never be afraid to ask”. “Asking will never hurt and will only help” Rich said. The two individuals cooperated very well and created good convo.

Mint Given by Shari Benson

Weekly News #5: Runaway Train

Runaway train explosion kills 47 and deadly cargo rides the rails. Going 65 miles an hour, the train derailed with no warnings of approachment going through the town.

New York Times states “The runaway train hurtled into the center of town shortly after midnight, with no one aboard to apply the brakes or sound a whistle to warn residents about the deadly cargo bearing down on them. When it reached a tight curve, the freight train lost control. Amid a deafening, horrific screech of rupturing metal, more than a million gallons of fuel spilled and exploded.”

A town of 4700 people consisted of the death of 47. Toxic chemicals and oil spread throughout the area. Soon after, changes occurred for railways leaving inspections and alternative routes a major point in changing safety.

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