10-year-old kid, Micah Tennant, dies from shooting at New Jersey high school football game. Spectators and players left scrambling off the field led the attention of many. The game was announced to be postponed till further notice.

The death of Micah left many in shock around the country. “I was shocked,” said Dashahn Draper, 16, a guard on the Camden High School team, who heard about the death in the locker room just before the game. “He was young. Football is supposed to bring people together. This shouldn’t happen.”

With the news spreading nationally the Philadelphia eagles lended their stadium to the two schools to finish the game that initially started. Coaches and players of the Eagles talked to both teams. The two teams, Camden High school vs Pleasantville Highschool, brought several fans and family in the thought of Micah and his family.

With only one shooter found guilty, four still remain scrambling from the sight. The original target reported by local police , was a 27-year-old man but instead hit Micah. Awareness of this situation covers the nation and will continue to grab people’s attention.