The last person I had talked to was Camden Beller in my dorm room. Camden Beller is a sophomore here at Morningside. Camden stands a tall 5 feet 6 inches tall with the best hair on campus. He dresses to impress and is as talented as the most talented.

Camden Beller is a computer science and business major. Transferring from Iowa we have become friends for quite a while starting through track here at Morningside College. He competes in cross country and track and field as do I. Camden has a heart of gold and a worth ethic even better.

He has two scars on his legs from surgery this summer. When we talked cam spoke about foods he was in the mood for. I continued to add what food I wanted such as Corn dogs, pizza and pasta. A few remarks were brought about nationals and the upcoming season for track if that was goals, a plan, other teams, competition and more. The motivation was the mood of the conversation.

Soon after Camden obtained his beauty rest fallings asleep around 11 o clock. Leaving me working on homework for a long time.