Studious yet fast, Morgan Roberts continues her journey of competing at Morningside college. The goal of breaking records and eating bolts and nails, strived Morgan for greatness every single day.

Morgan, a sophomore at Morningside College has a passion for running but her journey is not quite like others. Coming from Spencer Iowa, she started as a sprinter/hurdler which she had great success in. Many injuries along the way throughout her career made her second guess if collegiate running was really in her future.

Morgan highly considered going to Iowa State college if that was for school reasons or the fact her friends went that direction. Soon after the season, Morgan took a deep breathe, and made the decision herself. This decision was a very big deal because she is the only one in her family to go to a four -year college. Coach Nash, head Coach of track and field and cross country, offered Morgan a good scholarship to come compete at the NAIA level. Morgan stated “My decision was the best decision of my life, I don’t regret it at all.”

Not only did Morgan buy into the process, she worked with coach Nash to prove what she could really do. Nash saw something special in Morgan, and not just as a sprinter. The question came up to her to see if she was up for the challenge. Nash states “Distance running is in your future and I think you would excel in that distance.” With little hesitation Morgan took the challenge and now has never looked back.

From sprinter to distance runner, Morgan Roberts Excels in taking the challenge which has lead to many successes in her journey. Yet injuries have carved her path she has never looked back and her passion for running is like no other.