Flint Michigan’s water drought continues as kids start to suffer from lead-poisoned water. People in the Flint area have been without clean water since early 2014. Not only are they drinking the lead-poisoned water, but bathing in it and cleaning with it. Lead poisoning has affected the flint residents tremendously in a short amount of time.

New York Times states that Jaylen Wakes, a six-year-old kid from Flint Michigan, went from hyperactive one school year to hysterical the next. Later that year in 2015 there was a diagnosis of lead poisoning in the water the six-year-old boy had been drinking.

Jaylen had a recorded 30 suspensions along with 70 unexcused absences in the past school year. Along with poisoned water, this lead problem is creating behavioral problems across the city.

New york times also states “The contamination of this long-struggling city’s water exposed nearly 30,000 schoolchildren to a neurotoxin known to have detrimental effects on children’s developing brains and nervous systems.” Flint Michigan’s school system being affected every day is causing traumatic changes in the student’s behaviors and mental health.