Armed 17 year old gunman shot a student at Ridgeway high school in Santa Rosa California, then continued going to classes. The shooting injured a 16 year old classmate who was left in “stable condition”.

After the shooting Tuesday morning, the shooter calmly walks to class as if nothing happened. John Cregan of the Santa Rosa Police Department said in an interview. “The teacher had no idea he had been involved in anything. He hadn’t been acting out or anything.”

Laying on the ground, injured 16 year old crawled to the nearest car and brought to the hospital. When asked who the kids were and if it happened on campus Captain Cregan answered that the surveillance footage showed the shooter “standing basically next to the Ridgway High School sign in front of the school and shouting at the victim, who was standing in the street in front of the school.”

The reason for the shooting is uknown as of this point. Charged with attempted murder the 17 year old gunman continues to be questioned for his actions.