Antioxidant treatment to help cure Parkinson’s was recently reported by Sciworthy. Nearly 10 million people worldwide are affected by Parkinson’s disease with 60,000 diagnosed just in the U.S.

Parkinsons which is a disease caused by the brain cells and neurons, that produce dopamine die off over time. Loss of balance and slowness of movement leave the patients unable for self-care.

Existing treatments aim to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease through dopamine replacement. New treatment found by Thomas Jefferson University researchers could serve to protect against dopamine neuron death in Parkinson’s disease. NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) found to prove that it showed improvement in symptoms.

Researches of TJ University did a study on patients and said “patients were sorted into two groups: one that received normal standard of care treatment, such as treatment with Levodopa, and the other receiving standard of care treatment along with NAC supplementation. After 3 months, the researchers found that the group that received NAC supplementation along with their treatment had much better outcomes. “