Alex Watters, a hero that created meaning in what he does based on an accident that changed his life forever.

 A trip to Okoboji with friends started as a vacation but turned into a gut-wrenching experience leaving Alex unconscious in the water with a broken spine. A walk to the lake late at night left Alex wanting to swim. He walked out the deck and jumped in, except this time head first. As he hits the water he hit the bottom of the lake and snapped his neck. He explained his only memory was to move. “All my friends thought I was kidding” Alex explained, “When I realized what really happened everything went black”. Waking up in the hospital Alex had his lugs pumped for survival. The next six months Alex had rehab every day along with two surgeries during the six month period.  Alex’s story made the New York Times back in 2012. 

Alex Watters was born in Okoboji, Iowa and has a masters degree from Morningside College. He works in career services, which he has specialized in for the past few years. He also works for city council here Sioux City. 

When asked “would you have the same goal and job if the accident did not happen?” Alex responded, “Not a chance in hell”. He stated ever since the accident he wanted to work with people to get their goals. “There is no better feeling,” Alex says when working with first/second-year students find their path through college or life.