For Article #1 I chose the topic Vaping and the harms that vaping can do to the human body. This paper was very interesting to write about and came easy to me because of the fact it was something I am interested in. Some parts of the article were hard to connect and hard to determine what facts were right or biased. Separating biased opinions from the articles was the hardest part. Knowing facts and what has happened so far was the main point of the article. 

Getting the attention of others about vaping is the main goal for this article. Reflecting on this article I noticed that the more sources you have the better because you get more in-depth answers and get greater details of what is really happening. Some websites will have different numbers for different tests. 

Overall this article was very interesting to me and brought greater detail to the problem of how vaping is bad for you and the harm that’s causing kids around the world. Recently this problem has grown a large amount so I thought it would be a good topic to write about and very relevant in today’s world. It is recent news and isn’t old news so it connects with a large crowd of people if that’s parents, kids and more.