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Weekly News: Juice WRLD Dies at 21; Chicago Rapper Whose Star Was on the Rise

Rising rapper Juice WRLD dies at the age of 21. Juice was found having a seizure leaving the midway airport in Chicago. Reported blood dripping from his mouth at the scene. He was then rushed to the hospital when Jarad Higgens, Juice’s real name, was pronounced dead at 3:14 AM.

Being only 21, Juice WRLD was on the rise for his unique lyrical music. Popular songs such as All girls are the same, Lucid Dreams and Bandit to name a few, grew tremendously in the past year. Reporters state the incident is still under investigation and the reason for the death is still unknown.

Suspicion has arisen throughout the past 24 hours due to Jarads tweets from 2017 and his lyrics that hint at his death. One tweet stating “My goal is to get overly famous, shine for a couple of years… Then fake my death.” This statement describes Juice’s journey throughout his career and is still under investigation as to how and why he died.

Juice had another statement in one of his rising songs Legends. The song stated, “We ain’t making it past 21.” Rising suspicion is still growing as to why Juice’s death is still unknown.


Mall Explosion

Two dead, several injured at Mega City Mall explosion at 9:58 AM today leaves the city in shock. Investigative units have begun the search for the occurrence of the explosion.

Captian Fuglsang Of MCPD states “Our sympathy goes out to all the families impacted today’s events. We will work closely with authorities to find the answers and ensure that MCM remains a safe place for our customers and associates.”

Reports from local authorities state the incident was accidental and are questioning eyewitnesses at the scene now. When interviewing people at the scene security mall cop and eye witness states “My stomach dropped, I saw everything! The cops won’t listen to me! only if they knew what was really inside the donuts.”

Local authorities and investigations still lingering around the scene continue to raise questions. A press conference will be held at 2 pm to discuss the matter and answer any questions.

Midland Zoo looking into the death of their Polar Bear

Midland Zoo grieves for the loss of their oldest animal Homer. In an unexpected death of the 16-year-old Polar Bear, the tragedy left many in shock.

The cause of death is still unknown but the playful and curious friends will always be remembered and will be missed. Many animals have died for odd reasons if that’s being renal failure, or even horns getting caught in a stall.

Zoo Director stated “We will do everything in our power to determine how this bear died. animal welfare and the preservation of species are our primary goals here at the zoo.” Having Polar Bears since 1985 the death is very unusual and unexpected.

Homer, dead at 16 will always be remembered for his character and his curiosity.


College track athlete embraces opportunities in the US after a life-changing transition from Egypt. Garang Akok, freshman at Wartburg College, overcame extreme cultural differences to defy his predetermined circumstances, which led him to discover his talent and love for running.

Weekly News: 10-Year-Old Boy Who Was Shot at High School Football Game Dies

10-year-old kid, Micah Tennant, dies from shooting at New Jersey high school football game. Spectators and players left scrambling off the field led the attention of many. The game was announced to be postponed till further notice.

The death of Micah left many in shock around the country. “I was shocked,” said Dashahn Draper, 16, a guard on the Camden High School team, who heard about the death in the locker room just before the game. “He was young. Football is supposed to bring people together. This shouldn’t happen.”

With the news spreading nationally the Philadelphia eagles lended their stadium to the two schools to finish the game that initially started. Coaches and players of the Eagles talked to both teams. The two teams, Camden High school vs Pleasantville Highschool, brought several fans and family in the thought of Micah and his family.

With only one shooter found guilty, four still remain scrambling from the sight. The original target reported by local police , was a 27-year-old man but instead hit Micah. Awareness of this situation covers the nation and will continue to grab people’s attention.


Description of person and conversation

The last person I had talked to was Camden Beller in my dorm room. Camden Beller is a sophomore here at Morningside. Camden stands a tall 5 feet 6 inches tall with the best hair on campus. He dresses to impress and is as talented as the most talented.

Camden Beller is a computer science and business major. Transferring from Iowa we have become friends for quite a while starting through track here at Morningside College. He competes in cross country and track and field as do I. Camden has a heart of gold and a worth ethic even better.

He has two scars on his legs from surgery this summer. When we talked cam spoke about foods he was in the mood for. I continued to add what food I wanted such as Corn dogs, pizza and pasta. A few remarks were brought about nationals and the upcoming season for track if that was goals, a plan, other teams, competition and more. The motivation was the mood of the conversation.

Soon after Camden obtained his beauty rest fallings asleep around 11 o clock. Leaving me working on homework for a long time.

Weekly News: Climate Change Poses Threats to Children’s Health Worldwide

The cause of climate change around the globe leads to infections and diseases throughout the young generation. Children are very likely to obtain diseases based on climate change and how it will affect them over the years.

Children, especially when they are very young have a faster heart rate than adults which leads to higher breathing rates. Higher breathing rates make children more vulnerable.

Dr. Renee N. Salas states “With every degree of warming, a child born today faces a future where their health and well-being will be increasingly impacted by the realities and dangers of a warmer world,”

People’s health is at stake but the earth as well. This generation has got comfortable with the idea of earth collapsing because their knowledge of the situation.


Morgan Roberts Interview

Studious yet fast, Morgan Roberts continues her journey of competing at Morningside college. The goal of breaking records and eating bolts and nails, strived Morgan for greatness every single day.

Morgan, a sophomore at Morningside College has a passion for running but her journey is not quite like others. Coming from Spencer Iowa, she started as a sprinter/hurdler which she had great success in. Many injuries along the way throughout her career made her second guess if collegiate running was really in her future.

Morgan highly considered going to Iowa State college if that was for school reasons or the fact her friends went that direction. Soon after the season, Morgan took a deep breathe, and made the decision herself. This decision was a very big deal because she is the only one in her family to go to a four -year college. Coach Nash, head Coach of track and field and cross country, offered Morgan a good scholarship to come compete at the NAIA level. Morgan stated “My decision was the best decision of my life, I don’t regret it at all.”

Not only did Morgan buy into the process, she worked with coach Nash to prove what she could really do. Nash saw something special in Morgan, and not just as a sprinter. The question came up to her to see if she was up for the challenge. Nash states “Distance running is in your future and I think you would excel in that distance.” With little hesitation Morgan took the challenge and now has never looked back.

From sprinter to distance runner, Morgan Roberts Excels in taking the challenge which has lead to many successes in her journey. Yet injuries have carved her path she has never looked back and her passion for running is like no other.

Story 3: Rough Draft

Science story: 50

An Antioxidant treatment to help cure Parkinson’s was recently reported by Sciworthy. Nearly 10 million people worldwide are affected by Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s which is a disease caused by the brain cells and neurons lead to Loss of balance and slowness of movement.

New treatment found by Thomas Jefferson University researchers could serve to protect against Parkinson’s disease. NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) is a treatment founded to prove an improvement in symptoms for the disease.

Researches of TJ University did a study on patients and said “patients were sorted into two groups: one that received normal standard of care treatment, and the other receiving standard of care treatment along with NAC supplementation. After 3 months, the researchers found that the group that received NAC supplementation along with their treatment had much better outcomes.”

China Video Games: 1:10

Video games are getting more popular in several countries leading to late nights for children and teenagers. Many parents have put restrictions on kids gaming consoles so their time on the screen is limited. Chine took parenting to a whole new level. As of recently CNN reports that China is putting a curfew on gaming for kids 18 and younger.

The curfew for gaming for 18 and younger is now set at 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. china recently announces. Other rules set are on week days minors can play for 90 minutes and on weekends/public holidays they are allowed 3 hours. Not only are actions being taken towards time on the screen but also money transferred to the game. CNN states “Gamers aged between eight and 16 years old can only top up 200 yuan ($29) per month, while the maximum amount for those between 16 and 18 will be 400 yuan ($57).”

While china is the largest gaming market in the country they will create a revenue of 38 billion over the year 2018. The gaming industry increases by the day and continues to grow its revenue each year. China now taking a step forward and putting restrictions on gaming could mean change for the gaming industry everywhere.

Mental Healthiness: Pro Sports

For several years mental health has been a big issue. Until recently mental health issues were hidden. Professional sports such as football and basketball have had the biggest outbreak in athletes confirming they have really bad mental health issues. Kevin Love, Demar DeRozan took a stand for the NBA, which led to many other coming forward to state their mental illness.

These athletes have help create a documentary called Headstrong that talks and describes mental health issues. Many of these athletes admitted to being scared to come out about their illness. A few have spoken on their situation. Jaylen Brown, a guard for the Boston Celtics, recently stated “I’m proud to be a part of a moment of change in the NBA.

Although many of these athletes have spoken of their illness many athletes have still kept in secret. Ted Johnson, a former middle linebacker for the New England Patriots who retired in 2004 stated “I couldn’t imagine Patriots head coach Bill Belichick taking a stand, as Stevens did, in support of his players’ mental health.” Ted suffered from depression and anxiety himself throughout his whole career. When asked if more players are stepping forward to talk about the situation Ted states “football is still light years away” Regarding the situation with athletes feeling comfortable talking about their mental illnesses.

The hope for these athletes is to create a comfortable confident atmosphere in which it brings change to mental illness and how it is viewed. Athletes like Demur and Kevin are advanced the change in the problem that so many athletes have today.

Weekly News: Flint’s Children Suffer in Class After Years of Drinking the Lead-Poisoned Water

Flint Michigan’s water drought continues as kids start to suffer from lead-poisoned water. People in the Flint area have been without clean water since early 2014. Not only are they drinking the lead-poisoned water, but bathing in it and cleaning with it. Lead poisoning has affected the flint residents tremendously in a short amount of time.

New York Times states that Jaylen Wakes, a six-year-old kid from Flint Michigan, went from hyperactive one school year to hysterical the next. Later that year in 2015 there was a diagnosis of lead poisoning in the water the six-year-old boy had been drinking.

Jaylen had a recorded 30 suspensions along with 70 unexcused absences in the past school year. Along with poisoned water, this lead problem is creating behavioral problems across the city.

New york times also states “The contamination of this long-struggling city’s water exposed nearly 30,000 schoolchildren to a neurotoxin known to have detrimental effects on children’s developing brains and nervous systems.” Flint Michigan’s school system being affected every day is causing traumatic changes in the student’s behaviors and mental health.

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