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Daca which stands for Deferred Action for Children Act; is being questioned and reformed in law. People are now saying that this is illegal, and we should end the hosting of these undocumented people in the US, to help with immigrations poly. 

Many people on the opposing side of this argument think that this will cause a huge negative shift in the economy. So many people who are Daca and Dreamer recipients would be pushed out of the country. These are people who were educated in America and have had jobs here and build families also people who are in our military. 

Deciding whether or not this was illegal from the begging and how to make take the proper steps to respectfully help the country and the immigrants. Is what they are trying to figure out because they have already been sued and those cases did not end in their favor  

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  1. This is intended to be a comment on a news story, Tauna, not a discussion of the issue itself. DACA was argued before the Supreme Court last week. Find a story and you can get some sense of what the legal issues are all about.

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