Morning Problem with Latrell

Latrell a 6’4, 400 pound African American man his favorite controversial black sweat shirt, sweat pants and black shoes with his hood up and head phones in. Walked into the cafeteria with a resting bitch face and the attitude to match. He and I sat across from each other in the Morningside cafeteria for breakfast and we did not say one word to each other. We take turns peeking at each other and then looking away but no words were spoke as I watched him eat his waffle in amazement that someone could eat something so sweet would be so appetizing to someone this early in the morning. When we existed the building and I started heading left and he right he said Tauna come on which had been the first words spoken to me since before we had entered the cafeteria.

He continued and said I’m still mad at you but I will drop you off at class. I got into the tan Buick which was still warm from when the heat was on from the drive from Latrells house to the cafeteria. He said I’m mad you made me walk in by myself. I said that I had already paid for you to eat and the lady at the front who scans ID’s knew that you were coming in and who you are and all you had to do was walk in and say hi and then come sit down. It’s uncomfortable said Latrell, so what I said i’m not coming to the front just to walk you in, you can just get over it.

He said that I should know what its like to be uncomfortable with something and used the example of me not wanting to stay at his mother house. but I rapidly cut him short and said I still did it multiple times and I just had to get over not being very comfortable with that. I got out of the car and entered the Hickman Hobbs Learning Center AKA the rustic chic Morningside library that looks a lot older on the outside than it does on the inside.

1 thought on “Morning Problem with Latrell

  1. “Walked into the cafeteria with a resting bitch face and the attitude to match.” I like this sentence. I can see this in my head. I know what this looks like.

    This creates a good story, Tauna. You’re revealing character through conversation.

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