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“Cancel culture” is a topic that has been under debate for quite some time. Some people see “cancelling” someone as holding them accountable for their actions. Others see it as people being overly sensitive.

One main criticism of cancel culture is that it does not allow the person to grow from their mindset or actions, because once someone is cancelled, there is not uncancelling them. There are people who are cancelled for making offensive jokes, and others who are cancelled over accusations of being a sexual predator.

The article names a time when a girl at a catholic school “cancelled” someone for refusing to stop playing R. Kelly in the classroom, who is not only known for his iconic songs like “I believe I can fly” and “step in the name of love”, he is also known for preying on underage girls. 

The main problem with cancel culture is that you never know how petty of an offense it was for you to get cancelled. There are people who were cancelled because of a joke they made a decade ago, it just doesn’t allow room for change. Chris Brown could go decades without getting into trouble and go to therapy and make a complete 180 and people will still call him woman beater. 

There needs to be some sort of middle ground where people are held accountable for the wrong they do, but also provide room for growth. Some people who have done bad things in the past and try to grow from it after being cancelled feed bullied because no matter how hard they try to improve themselves, they will always be cancelled.

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  1. There’s no comment here, Tauna. It’s just summary. What did you think of the story and how it was written?

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