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STD’s that were almost extent are now at all-time high. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has had nearly 2.4 million cases of syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea reported in 2018. 

These numbers are the highest they have ever been.  

African American men who have sex with other men have been the most popular group to pass on gonorrhea. Which in women show different side effects than it does in men. 

The reasons suspected for the rise of STD’s is there is a rise in condom less sex among men and women. With dating apps being also used as hook up apps, people are being less and less careful. 

People have become naïve, because the worry for STD’s used to be so low but now the risks are back and more dangerous than ever.  

2 thoughts on “Science Story

  1. I wouldn’t say “most popular group.” I don’t think it’s that kind of contest. “Common” would work.

    Lead is OK. I can see you made some changes. I think most of them were for the better. The last graf could probably be higher. It’s your “So what”

    You could shorten your sentences even more.

  2. Good lead, Tauna. The third sentence reminder is also nice.

    The rest needs proofreading help. You also want to stay on topic.

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