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With the current presidential election still brewing up steam in the media and news outlet. The subject of the article was the opioid epidemic and how other candidates are pushing their plan to help the problem and comparing what they want to do to what is currently being done.  

Taking notice of the writing of this article, the publisher start off with the back ground of the epidemic and then goes into specifically Elizabeth Warren’s and her plan. 

It is interesting that they started off with the background in the lead seeing as to most of the other stories would start with the most interesting and new topic like Elizabeth Warrens plan then go into Trumps current plan in place. Also, at the end of the article they speak about how all of the democratic canidates and a briefing of their plans. They just end the article like that which they to me do not sum everything up and this is a overall new journalism format that I don’t think we talked about in class. It was just very informational. 

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  1. Wish I could read the article, Tauna. I would very much like to read this new form of journalism. I don’t even know who “they” is.

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