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Nanny charged with murder

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A nanny in New York was charged with murder on Saturday after two children were found stabbed in a bathtub in Manhattan. 50 year old Yoselyn Ortega was charged with first and second degree murder. Ortega was recovering at Weill Cornell Medical from wounds that are believed to be self-inflicted. The mother, Marina Krim, had left the two children, Lucia and Leo, with the nanny and was supposed to meet her at 5:30 after taking her 3 year old to swim lessons, but Ortega never showed. So Krim went home and found the two children in the bathtub.


I think this is an important piece of news because parents really need to know who is watching their children. Would you leave just anyone to care for your kids? I really think anyone who wants to watch children needs to be background checked and interviewed. For children to be killed by a nanny is horrible and that the mother had to find them in the bathroom and then find their killer stabbing herself with a kitchen knife is truly traumatic. That’s why parents should be extra protective about who they leave their children with.


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November 4, 2012 @ 9:36 pm

Check your clock, Taylor. This was posted 2:30 hours after I’m reading it.

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