Crouching Tiger

The message is from the mother to the little girl. They have been receiving wedding gifts and one of them was this sword. The little girl has been stealing them, and the mother knows it. While they were gathered there in this scene the mother is making it know to the little girl that she knows she is the one doing the stealing. I’m assuming she is telling her that the stealing is wrong, which in the United States when doing business it would also be wrong and would cause havoc and an up roar between families, gangs, business, or whatever it may be. From this aspect of business I feel we are somewhat similar.

1 thought on “Crouching Tiger

  1. You are on track. The female mercenary is telling the girl that she knows the girl took the sword and that in order to avoid a major catastrophe, the girl needs to return it. The girl is also told how serious the situation is when it is revealed that the person who was killed was a police officer. Interestingly, all this info is conveyed in casual conversation between the female mercenary and the girl’s mother.

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